Repetition Gets Results

Some things never change. The old adage, “you tell them once, tell them twice, and then again” still remains true today.

Sitting in his London den in 1885, Thomas Smith wrote a guide entitled “Successful Advertising", which is still used by advertising experts today. While perhaps a slight exaggeration, it is absolutely true that repetition gets results. Creativity is very important, but nothing is as vital as repetition to get your message to stick.

Repetition gets results:

The 1st time a person looks at an advertisement, they do not see it

The 2nd time, they do not notice it

The 3rd time, they are simply conscious of it

The 4th time, they faintly remember having seen something of the kind before

The 5th time, they half read it

The 6th time, they turn up their nose at it

The 7th time, they read it through and say “Pshaw!”

The 8th time, they yell “there’s that confounded thing again!”

The 9th time, they wonder if there’s anything to it

The 10th time, they think it might possibly suit someone else

The 11th time, they will ask their neighbor if they have tried it or know anything about it

The 12th time, they wonder how the advertiser can make a profit with it

The 13th time, they rather think it must be a good thing

The 14th time, they believe it is what they have wanted for a long time

The 15th time, they resolves to try it as soon as they can afford it

The 16th time, they examine the store address carefully, and make a memorandum of it

The 17th time, they think to ask their partner about it

The 18th time, they are painfully reminded how much they need that particular item

The 19th time, they calculate to see if they would have enough money left over for food if they bought it

The 20th time, they frantically rush, in a fit of mad desperation, and buy it!

The moral of the story:

When you advertise, carefully pick your medium, then stay with that medium repeating your message over and over and over until it sticks in the minds of your potential customers. This creates crucial “top of mind awareness,” and ultimate success. Repetition gets results.

Now, we've gotta run! There's something we desperately need to buy!