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Dinosaur Marketing Tactics Communities Won’t Let Die

Let’s face it. Everything has changed in the world of community marketing. We have the world at our fingertips in a fraction of a second via the web, yet communities still use the same old words and phrases that could fit anyone, anywhere.

Here are the seven extinct marketing philosophies that communities just won’t let go of, and have led to 97% of all community-based marketing and advertising being ineffective. This is NOT the fault of the medium, but of community messaging – what you’re putting out there.

How many of these are you guilty of?

1. The days of strategic plans are going, going, gone.This is the age of Action Plans. Strategies, goals and objectives should take no more than 10 pages of a plan. The Action Plan format is a to-do list. We have short attention spans. Cut to the chase. A fifty-page well-written Action Plan will be far easier to read and implement than a 300-page plan full of fluff and generalities.

2. The “something for everyone” marketing approach does not work. You MUST narrow your focus so you stand out from the crowd. Check out our list of “words and phrases to avoid.

3. The shotgun approach of “bring your business here” is dead. There are nearly 30,000 cities and towns in the U.S. and Canada. Virtually all of them want your business. So why you? What makes you so special? Find your niche and then attract businesses – or visitors – that are looking for that.

4. “Smokestack chasing” is a dinosaur approach and no longer relevant. See number three above. The industrial revolution is over. We still have industry, and it’s starting to see a comeback, but the revolution is over. We are now in a service economy. And most larger companies are consolidating, not expanding.

5. The days of being only a Destination Marketing Organization are over. All DMO’s must now champion the cause for product development in ADDITION to marketing. The better your product, the more it sells itself. You must get into the product development game, with both feet, if you want to become an outstanding destination.

6. Issuing Request For Proposals is a dinosaur methodology. Every consultant you hire will probably have their own methodology. So why should you tell them how you want the project done if you’re looking for their expertise? Issue a Request for Qualifications. You can do this in a page or two. Ask them what their methodology is, a sample scope of work, and have them showcase case histories, examples of their work and references. Pick the top three, interview them and if you don’t like their methodology or price, go to the next on the list.

7. The days of Visitors Guides are slowly dying, yet every community feels they must have one. The new model: Create an Activities Guide. Just the name change says you have lots to do and that’s the reason we want the guide. Make sure its available online for both download and viewing. QR codes can take the visitor right to the guide. NOTE: You still need printed copies! But the quantities are going, down, down, and down.

How is your community marketing evolving to meet the demands of a new era?