Five Secrets to an Effective Rack Brochure

Millions of dollars are spent EVERY WEEK designing, printing and distributing rack brochures. Above is a typical Certified Brochure display rack. Which brochures jump out at you?

In a rack full of brochures people see only the top 2.5 inches of your cover. Make sure it is so compelling people want to grab it. Here are the five things you can do to make sure your brochure is the one they grab and makes the sale.



1. On the cover, especially in the top 2.5", use yellow on black, or black on yellow. Yellow always attracts the eye. Did the Sea Kayaking brochure first catch your eye in the photo of the brochure rack?

Now look at the brochure below, left and right. Would the left one get your attention at all? In this case we simply superimposed bold yellow lettering over the original art. Get’s your attention doesn’t it? We also sold the experience – Sailing Adventures – rather than the company. Once we grab the brochure THEN you can tell us who you are.




2. Tell us what you are selling. The name of your location – your city, town or county – is not going to attract us. Have you ever gone anywhere because it was a county? People are looking for activities, so always sell the experience first. Take a look at the following example. If you were in Western New York State and saw the brochure for Fredonia would you pick it up? But what about the one next to it?



Now look at the full brochures. They are actually the same brochure. All we did was change the top to sell the experience first, and then the location.



3. Get our attention! Take a look at this brochure (below). Are you curious? The Houseboat from Hell actually refers to Hells Canyon located between Oregon and Idaho. Notice the use of yellow on a dark background? Very smart.



4. Once we’ve picked up the brochure and open it then tell us WHY we should buy your product or visit your community. Don't tell us who you are, or what you have to offer (your facilities) until you've convinced us why we should care. We head to the water park to scream like crazy. It’s not about the facilities, it’s about the experience.



5. Avoid using generic words and phrases in your titles and body text. If I can take of the name of your community, attraction, or business and exchange it for someone else's name, and your text still rings true, then it's too generic, and you just lost a sale. Go to this link to see the 40 words and phrases to avoid in your marketing efforts.

If you've got a great brochure that really works, send me a PDF or hard copy, and we'll post your outstanding examples of how to do it right!