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What Do Your Gateway Signs Say About Your Community?

Gateway Signs are road signs that border your community or downtown district and introduce and welcome visitors. They are typically placed at the city or county limits and, more often than not, are in locations that offer a less-than desirable first impression of the community. When we see that sign, we’re going to judge you by what we see around it, and just after it. What does that “first impression” say about you?


Rule: Put your gateway signs where you will make the best first impression. Rarely is that at your city limits.

Have you ever wondered why residential sub-division developers spend so much money on their entrances? Look at the photo below. Are you thinking “Oh, another mobile home park”?




Probably not. But let’s address WHY they would spend this kind of money on an elaborate gateway when they are in the business of selling lots or homes. Signs like this:

• Create a sense of place and quality—you obviously didn’t think was a mobile home park.

• Creates pride of ownership. When you come home, you’re proud to live here.

• Gets your attention as you drive by—and that sells real estate faster.

• Conveys the community’s image—a high-quality place to live.

• Increases property value—it elevates your “perceived value” of the lots and homes here.

• It helps the community stand out from others.

Every single one of these reasons applies to your community gateways signs. They don’t have to be expensive, as in this example, but they do need to be attractive, well maintained, large enough to make a statement about you, and introduce the community as a great location where the response is automatic: “Wow. This is a nice place!”

And, by the way, these rules also apply to all of you in business. Your business sign is your best introduction to potential customers. Make it count!