The Gift of a DDA Membership

Gift a Membership Now

An annual membership to the Destination Development Association can be a fantastic gift - and one that keeps on giving for an entire year. If you can, we strongly recommend that each organization in your community have access to the same set of resources you’ve come to use and enjoy. For instance, if you’re a destination marketing organization, you would absolutely want your downtown to be using these resources (after all their success directly adds to your success), and your chamber of commerce, and your economic development practitioners, as well as your city or town, its planning department, and perhaps your historical society, as well as others.

By you taking the lead and gifting them memberships, they will be very grateful, and it puts you in a leadership role, pushing the community forward.

If you represent a county, scenic byway, or a number of communities, gift each of them a membership so you can help them succeed - it’s a great added benefit of having them loyal to your organization.

Finally, you may simply want to help some of the member organizations that have no budget and are made up of volunteers, or that have a minuscule budget and can’t afford the membership fee. We have a list of these and we hate to lose them due to the cost. In this case just let us know how many memberships you’d like to purchase, and we’ll send each of them a congratulatory note letting them know that you gifted them a membership. If you’d like it can remain anonymous - your choice. And we’ll cc you on the email so you’ll know who you are helping.

When you gift a membership, you’ll provide us with the name of the organization and/or the primary contact. Then submit the payment, and we’ll send them the note congratulating them.

Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for helping some of our less-fortunate members have access to these valuable resources that can help them become more successful, thriving communities.