Wednesday, january 18, 2023| Four topics, one every 20 minutes


It’s no secret that less than 10% of all visitors use a destination marketing organization website in their travel planning efforts. Why? Because most DMO websites (and downtown websites as well) generally provide basic lists of what you have, with little information that is actually helpful, such as reviews (Google, TripAdvisor…). In this workshop, Roger will share what you need to do to get potential customers (visitors) to use YOUR website for ALL their planning, eliminating the competition and making you THE destination of choice.


In this webinar you will learn the five rules to creating a website that will grab attention, hold the viewer’s attention, and become the go-to resource for every potential customer, bringing them back time after time. Best of all, a great website doesn’t have to be expensive! You can do this on a minuscule budget.


New for 2022, Roger will showcase five great destination marketing organization websites that you should emulate. These will feature, primarily, small-town and low marketing budget websites that have done an outstanding job in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, content, and photography.


In this video, Roger will show you easy ways to develop a first-class website, using readily available tools, templates, and widgets. He will show how to allocate a website-development budget—no matter how large or small—in terms of hosting, creating content, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, photography, videography, updates, and more.