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About the Destination Development Association

The Destination Development Association was created to accomplish these five priorities:

  1. To inspire and empower local stakeholders and local organizations with their efforts to becoming vibrant, sustainable, and thriving destinations that will attract new        investment, are fantastic places to live, and that visitors will gravitate to every chance they get. 
  2. To encourage local and regional organizations to work together, rather than in      independent silos, with key projects and big ideas that can be accomplished as one  unstoppable force.
  3. To offer easy to watch and digest how-to videos and accompanying guides on every    placemaking, tourism, downtown, and economic development topic you can imagine, getting locals enthusiastically behind your efforts. 
  4. To provide real-life case histories, fascinating "how they did it" stories, new ideas and trends and how to best tap into them.
  5. To share ideas from other members, and to provide advice every time a member meets a new challenge and needs a trusted and valuable opinion.

After forty-years working in more than 2,000 communities around the world, the DDA team knows what works and what doesn't, and most importantly, this incredible team has your back and is here to support you in everything you do. 

Meet the DDA Team