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Destination Assessment Program


To be successful, you need to look at your destination with fresh eyes to see objectively what is appealing and what isn’t - what attracts people, and what repels them - what works, and what needs work.


Why does your community need an assessment?

One of the most powerful features of our Destination Assessment Program is its fresh, objective viewpoint – a thorough review of your community through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Tens of thousands of people come into communities for the first time each year. They’re considering sites for business and industry or they’re assessing whether this is a place where they’d like to live, work or visit. What are their perceptions? What do they see and what do they miss? Is the community doing all it can to "close the sale?” Are businesses missing chances to pull people in the door? What opportunities are passing you by?

What it is the destination assessment all about?

Vibrant communities that offer great quality of life for their residents, a thriving business climate, and visitor appeal don’t just happen by themselves. They need careful planning based on an honest, objective foundation.

More than 700 places throughout North America have hired Roger Brooks to complete Opportunity Assessments – his most popular program − because they want to become outstanding destinations. They know they’re missing vital opportunities, but on their own they "can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Customers have enthusiastically said they’ve received more benefit from Roger's Assessment than any other plan they’ve ever commissioned.

How would Roger assess your community?

Roger's multi-day assessment includes a photographic review of 60 critical items – all of which play a role in making your community (or collection of communities) the destination of choice as a place to invest in, move to, establish a business in, or to visit as the visitor destination of choice. Each Assessment & Findings Workshop provides the community with dozens of ideas and things that can be done today to make a difference tomorrow based on the review of these 60 critical ingredients that ultimately spell success.


Contact Natalie Moore to reserve your assessment week. Roger's calendar fills up fast!



The assessment of Zion National Park and Springdale has been off-the-charts great. We are getting such great feedback from around the state with each of these assessments.

Vicki Varela

Managing Director - Utah Office of Tourism

What’s it been, 6 days now? I am still at a loss for words. In the 40 years that I’ve lived here, I have NEVER witnessed the enthusiasm about our community that I am witnessing right now! People are so pumped. It’s like Roger came to Independence and gave us permission to start taking pride in our community! The city manager and city commissioners especially took note and were even talking about it at the city commission meeting last night. I guarantee people won’t feel so threatened any more by the City if they put things out in front of their store fronts. It’s amazing how the magic of Roger works. I don’t even know what to say except, 'Thank you for everything you have done for us.' I feel like Rip VanWinkle and have awakened to a whole new, beautiful world after a really long nap.

Debbie Puryear

Tourism Director - Independence, Kansas

Wow! What a wonderful day! You did such a remarkable job getting Manteca to think about its future. I have had so many good comments and numerous calls thanking us for the assessment. Thanks for making us look so good!

Linda Abeldt

Executive Director - Manteca California CVB

My phone has not stopped ringing since Tuesday night! Response has been beyond anything I ever anticipated. Your assessment has galvanized our community to move forward to make a difference.

Mayor Donnetta Walser