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Can we share the same login within our office?

Yes. Your in-house staff can share the login to access the DDA resources. But please do not pass your account and login information to other people, groups, and organizations. We’ve kept the membership fees the lowest you’ll find anywhere, and to keep it affordable, local organizations will each join so everyone is working from the same set of resources.

Are webinars included with my membership?

Yes, webinars are included with membership, so as a member, webinars are absolutely free.

For non-members, webinars will be presented at a cost of $59 for each one. Attending just three webinars pays for the entire year’s membership, wo we encourage you to become a member and enjoy all the resources all year long!

Can I “gift” memberships to other organizations, helping them to work from the same resources we use at the DDA?

An annual membership to the Destination Development Association can be a fantastic gift - and one that keeps on giving for an entire year. If you can, we strongly recommend that each organization in your community have access to the same set of resources you’ve come to use and enjoy. For instance, if you’re a destination marketing organization, you would absolutely want your downtown to be using these resources (after all their success directly adds to your success), and your chamber of commerce, and your economic development practitioners, as well as your city or town, its planning department, and perhaps your historical society, as well as others.

By you taking the lead and gifting other local organizations with memberships, you are taking a leadership role in helping your community. The more organizations work together, with the same goals, the greater success you will achieve. And they will be grateful.

If you represent a county, scenic byway, or a number of communities, gift each of them a membership so you can help them succeed - it’s a great added benefit of having them loyal to your organization.

Gift memberships are offered at a reduced price, depending on the number of gifts you purchase. Please contact us for details.

Finally, you may simply want to help some of the member organizations that have no budget and are made up of volunteers, or that have a minuscule budget and can’t afford the membership fee. We have a list of these and we hate to lose them due to the cost. In this case just let us know how many memberships you’d like to purchase, and we’ll send each of them a congratulatory note letting them know that you gifted them a membership. If you’d like it can remain anonymous - your choice. And we’ll cc you on the email so you’ll know who you are helping.

When you gift a membership, you’ll provide us with the name of the organization and/or the primary contact. Then submit the payment, and we’ll send them the note congratulating them.

Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for helping some of our less-fortunate members have access to these valuable resources that can help them become more successful, thriving communities. 
To Gift a DDA Membership contact us for details. 

In 2020, will webinars come at an additional cost? 

All webinars, and subsequent recordings are free to DDA members. If you're not a member, each webinar will cost $59 to attend, which comes with a two-week viewing period after the webinar. 

Does the membership auto renew?

Yes it does. 30 days prior to the renewal date, you will be notified that your membership will either auto-renew or require manual renewal (as you have designated). At that time, you will be able to modify your membership selection and/or update payment information.

How do I pay for my membership? 

You can pay by credit card on the membership page of the DDA website here or by check. Mailing instructions are included. Membership is on an annual basis.

If you need a purchase order, please email Natalie in our office, and she’ll get you all set up. She can be reached at

When does membership start?

Memberships are always a full year from the day you join. 

Each member receives a single log-in. Can I still share the videos with local groups?

Yes. Think of the DDA like you would “Netflix,” where you wouldn’t share your account information or login, but, like Netflix or any streaming service, you can invite friends and family over to watch a movie. With the DDA, you can invite groups of local stakeholders to come and watch one of the presentations. We have kept the membership fees as low as possible, so if you would like other local groups to view the webinars and videos on a regular basis, please consider gifting them memberships so they have their own logins. Gift memberships are offered at a reduced price, depending on the number of gifts you purchase.

If I want to gift a membership, how does that work?

If you want to purchase a gift membership, please email Natalie in our office, and she’ll get you all set up. She can be reached at