The Ultimate Marketing Series

Part 1 - Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about branding, particularly “place branding,” but in this deep-dive workshop, we help you identify your unique selling proposition.

Part 2 - Once you’ve identified your brand – your Unique Selling Proposition – the next step is developing the “messaging” or how to portray your brand to the world. Your messaging is critically important in proving ownership of your brand. Bring in your writers, graphic designers, ad agencies and stakeholders.

Part 3 - Here it is. The deep-dive session on logos and slogans – and recognizing where nearly every branding effort gets hung up. You will love this workshop if you’re looking at or dealing with logos, slogans and tag lines.

Part 4 - In the “Ultimate Guide” series, this is the culmination showing you how best to market your business or destination. This is the ultimate guide to developing printed materials and guides, print ads, video ads, your website’s home page, words and phrases that work every time, and the power of using great photography. This is the “Cut to the chase” guide incorporating the best of ten of our marketing videos. You will be provided with tips and tricks you can implement today to make a HUGE difference tomorrow.





Videos included in this series:

Part 1: Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition (Length 1h 22min)

Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to Brand Messaging (Length 50min)

Part 3: The Ultimate Guide to Logos and Slogans (Length 1h 1min)

Part 4: The Ultimate Marketing Guide (Length 1h 21min)


Accompanying Resources

Presentation Slides - Part 1

Presentation Slides - Part 2

Presentation Slides - Part 3

Presentation Slides - Part 4