2019 Webinar Schedule

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January 23rd: Increasing Retail Sales: Part II

Local businesses are the life-blood of every great downtown. After all, it’s what’s IN the buildings that makes your downtown a successful destination—for local residents and their visitors. In this, the second of our two-part series, we’ll show you MORE things you can do to increase your sales—with a focus on marketing—even if you have a minuscule marketing or advertising budget to work with. Don’t miss it!

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February 20th: Restrooms Attract A Lot More Than Flies

“Relieved visitors spend more.” I’ve been using this maxim for years, and it rings true today more than ever before. Here we’ll tackle the hard questions of where restrooms should be located, how to limit or eliminate vandalism, how to monetize them, and who should manage them.

We’ll dig into costs, public/private partnerships, and you’ll see some restrooms (or washrooms) that have become popular tourist attractions!

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March 20th: Tourism & Downtown: The Hot, New Power Couple

The top activity of visitors, in the world, is shopping, dining and entertainment in a pedestrian-friendly setting. It’s typically not the primary reason people visit, but once they arrive, it’s the number one activity. And this is where 80% of non-lodging visitor spending takes place. Are you getting your fair share?

Here you’ll see how other tourism and downtown organizations have come together to create powerful partnerships with stronger, more successful marketing programs, increased local spending, all while saving money in the process.

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April 10th: It’s Time to Move From Events to Activities

It’s nearly always the same half-dozen people, working tirelessly for months on end, to produce a special event that lasts just a day or two. And after a while these hard workers get burnt-out, and you end up spending a whole lot of time looking for new volunteers. Sound familiar?

What if you could spend the same amount of time and money creating more than 200 days of activity in your downtown, making it easier and far more rewarding for your volunteers? In this workshop you’ll see how local organizations are shifting their focus from special events to activity days, providing a far better return on investment for downtown retailers, restaurants and other local businesses.

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May 22nd: How to Design and Develop a Low-Cost Amazing Plaza

We’ve always been among the biggest proponents of developing and programming plazas—central gathering places full of life, that local residents and visitors gravitate to nearly every day of the year.

In this workshop you’ll see how to develop a programmed plaza, at little or no cost, and how to activate it on a shoestring budget. Remember, plazas are simple spaces programmed with activities, not just special events. We’ll show you how to get it done within a month from the time you finish seeing this presentation.

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June 19th: How to Create & Distribute Low-Cost, High Impact Video Content

Video is the future. And as a DDA member, you can see that video is our focus. It should be yours as well! If you’re a local retailer, restaurant, activity provider (such as a guide service), or a local organization charged with marketing your community, you won’t want to miss this workshop!

We’ll cover the things you can do, at little or no cost, to create amazing videos that will bring you more business and get others to promote you. We’ll also cover where to post your videos to get the biggest exposure and return on your time and investment!

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July 17th: Activating Your Downtown Sidewalks and Storefronts

For downtown associations and retailers, drawing attention to your storefront can make all the difference in your success. In this workshop we’ll cover the conundrums faced by the city or town that owns the sidewalks versus retailers who want to activate their storefronts. Who does what? How do you make this work for both entities? And who’s in charge, anyway?

You’ll see case histories and learn how they conquered, or at least addressed, the challenges, making it a win-win for the town as well as local merchants.

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August 21st: Sidewalk Dining: The Do’s, Don’ts, and Some Awesome Examples

I’ve been itching to talk about this for a LONG time now. In this workshop we’ll tackle the big questions and provide some great solutions when it comes to narrow sidewalks, serving alcohol, fencing and dining borders, using parking spaces, providing adequate pedestrian access, seasonality, as well as how to deal with highways that cruise through your downtown.

You’ll see dozens of photographic examples and great ideas you can implement to help bring your downtown to life, making it a fantastic destination for both locals and visitors alike.

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September 18th: Great Ideas That Will Make You A Fantastic Holiday Destination

The timing for this workshop is to provide you with some novel, creative, and downright fun and effective ways to attract people during the holidays! You’ll see real-life examples of what towns—and downtowns—continue to do to pull people in for Valentines Day, the spring and fall months, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. We’ll share lots of photographic examples and the results of producing themed, multi-week long celebrations that you orchestrate, but others actually implement for you!

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October 23rd: Making the Most of Social Media—The Priority List

You could easily spend every minute of the day working with the various social media platforms, but you workshop we’ll talk through the priorities and share some amazing case histories from local small businesses, destination marketing organizations, and downtown associations. Best of all, we’ll show you how to get others to manage your social media—at no cost—while making you a stronger, more successful, destination!

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November 20th: A New Vision and Future for Chambers of Commerce

I often refer to the “Chamber Conundrum” of trying to do so many things that you are pulled in a gazillion different directions and simply don’t have the time or staff to be truly successful at any of them! In this workshop we’ll dive into how to create an incredible Chamber of Commerce that’s a fantastic success, where people can’t wait to join, and communities will happily fund.

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December 11th: Turning Your Shoulder Seasons Into Peak Seasons

You know them all too well—those vexing shoulder seasons and weekdays when traffic and sales are slow. In this webinar, we will look at success stories, showing you how and what these communities did, including before and after snapshots of occupancy and visitation so you can adapt their secrets to make every season a peak one.