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Welcome to the Destination Development Association (DDA) and thank you for checking out all that a DDA membership has to offer!

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The heart and soul of the DDA can be found in The Vault. This is where you’ll find how-to videos and downloadable resources on virtually every topic having to do with branding, community development, tourism, downtowns, and placemaking, along with videos to help individual local businesses become more successful. The Vault will play a major role in your economic development efforts. Click on the graphic to discover all that is in The Vault.


Every month we present four topics in short 10- to 15-minute live Zoom workshops, each followed by a live Q&A session. All the webinars are included in your membership, and you can attend them individually or you can share them to a room full of people – your choice! Once recorded, they will be placed in The Vault so you can watch them again, or you can share them (streaming) to local groups and stakeholders. To see the Webinar line-up, click the graphic to the left.


DDA members enjoy three discussion rooms: Marketing, Downtowns, and Tourism. This is where members and the DDA team share new ideas, and where you can seek advice from other members as well as from the DDA team. The DDA is a great community of like-minded people all willing to share ideas and offer guidance to help you succeed.


Even if you decide not to join the DDA, we hope you’ll sign up (below), and we’ll notify you when we post new blog articles and video content that’s free of charge. We also post weekly Tips & Tricks, New Ideas, and other information you’ll receive and can freely share with others.

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