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Roger Brooks, CSP

Top-rated featured keynote speaker

"Every community has the potential to become a thriving, sustainable, and desirable place to live, invest in, and visit. Let's empower and inspire people to get things done!"

Wouldn't it be great if.....

  • Every attendee received practical, actionable suggestions they can implement immediately once they return home? 

  • Your attendees left energized and inspired to implement great ideas that will lead them to greater success? 

  • Your attendee gave you high-fives and accolades for such a great conference? 

Roger Brooks can give you all this and more as your keynote speaker

Some of  Roger's popular topics

  • The 20 Ingredients of a Successful Downtown

  • The Power of Public Plazas

  • Marketing on a Minuscule Budget

  • It's Time to Move from Events to Activities