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For the first time in history, quality of life is leading economic and tourism development. Jobs are going where the talent is, or where the talent wants to be. Every community should be working overtime to become the place talented people want to live. This means a strong community development effort. And when you’re successful, jobs will follow.


The Destination Development Association (DDA) is the ONLY organization on the planet that brings local chambers of commerce, economic development practitioners, destination marketing organizations, downtown associations, and local governments together, using a common set of resources designed to get everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction.


This is how you get organizations out of their silos and working together as a unified team. Every community will be far more successful as one loud voice, versus a number of small individual voices, each going their own way.

Welcome to the DDA - 100% Destination Development. The name says it all. 

As a member of the DDA you’ll enjoy how-to videos, downloadable guides, and monthly webinars on just about any topic you can imagine having to do with branding, marketing, downtowns, tourism, community, and economic development. You’ll see dozens of photographic case histories and bottom-line solutions, as well as new fresh ideas to help you succeed. You, and those you share these solutions with, will be empowered, educated, and entertained!


We often refer to The Vault, where we keep these assets, as “Netflix® for Communities.” You can share videos and webinars with local audiences, making you the pied piper in the leadership role for initiatives that will make your community (or communities) an even better place to live, work and visit.

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