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The Destination Assessment answers a fundamental question, "What can we do locally to become a stronger more successful destination for investment, as a place to live, and that will attract increased visitor spending?"

The Benefits of a Destination Assessment

One of the most powerful features of the Roger Brooks in-person Destination Assessment is its fresh, objective viewpoint - a photographic review of your community through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Tens of thousands of people come into communities for the first time each year. They're considering sites for business and industry, or they're assessing whether this is a place they'd like to live, raise a family or even retire. Perhaps they are looking for a place to start or relocate a business. And many of these people are there as leisure visitors. What are their perceptions? What do they see and are there things they miss? Is the community doing all it can to "close the sale?" Are businesses doing all they can to pull customers in the door? What opportunities are passing you by? 

The nuts and bolts of a Destination Assessment

The DDA team spends more than a week on each Assessment. Before we even head out the door, we're conducting a Marketing Assessment, where we're looking at websites, calling for information, reading visitor reviews and performing other research wearing three hats: That of an investor or business interest, that of a family looking for a place to live, and that of a leisure visitor. 

Then we (usually a team of two) spend the better part of a week in a community "secret shopping" your area, taking a few hundred photographs during the process. Sometimes we see things you might otherwise not even notice as a local resident. And sometimes we can bring up things you can't say without paying a political price locally. 

The Assessment concludes with the Findings & Suggestions Workshop, which often includes between 40 and 80 suggestions: Things you can implement today, to make a big difference tomorrow, improving the community's quality of life, economic vitality and visitor spending.

The workshop is followed up with the Assessment Findings & Suggestions Report, providing a visual to-do list that will get your local organizations on the same page, pulling in the same direction.

What will Roger say about us? 

The Assessment's entire focus is "What else can we do to make our community even better?" The Assessment looks forward - not backward. Roger never criticizes with "you should have..." or "why didn't you..." While honestly pointing out challenges, Roger provides low-cost remedies or suggestions using photographic examples for any shortcoming noted. He also praises the great things you are doing right. The assessment is always upbeat, inspiring, and empowering, and attendees are motivated and eager to implement the suggestions offered during the Assessment Findings & Suggestions Workshop.

How many communities has Roger assessed?

Nearly 2,200 communities throughout the United States, across Canada, in Western Europe and Scandinavia have brought Roger to their communities to perform a Destination Assessment. Many communities realize they're missing vital opportunities, but on their own they "can't see the forest for the trees."

Customers have enthusiastically said they’ve received more benefit from the Destination Assessment than any other plan they’ve ever commissioned - even plans at four-times the cost. 

Cost of an Assessment

The cost of a Destination Assessment varies depending on the size and number of communities participating. The destination assessment pricing starts at $26,500 US including travel and related expenses. 


Contact us today for scheduling, additional information, and for a custom fee particular to your situation.  All prices are in US Dollars.

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