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Roger gives you the step-by-step guide on how to promote your "anchor tenants".

To win you must ALWAYS promote your anchor tenants – those businesses and attractions that make you worth a special trip. Just like a mall, the anchor tenants pull customers in and once there they will see what else you have to offer. In this humorous and engaging presentation we’ll cover:

- How to promote your “Best of’s” without ticking off those not chosen.
- How to actually choose who is the best, without politics getting in the way
- What kinds of businesses and attractions should be included
- How the Best Of guide should look (you’ll see several examples)
- And how to make it a self-funded project


The days of print media and printed guides are NOT over. But instead of the tired “visitors guide” format we’ll show you what to print, how many to print, how to distribute them, and what your table of contents should look like.

- You’ll see great examples to emulate
- You’ll see how to make ads look like editorial content
- And how to turn your guides into tablet, mobile and online marketing juggernauts – without exorbitant cost.
- Don’t call it a Visitors Guide. I’ll give you the new title to use.

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