The most powerful marketing on the planet is done through public relations. In this fast paced, exciting presentation we will show you how to effectively create a PR campaign. We’ll cover the tools you need (and how to develop them), the creation of an online Press Room, and how to get publishers, television producers, and writers to make you the next poster child for travel and lifestyle publications, television shows, and other media outlets. After all, for every dollar you spend on public relations, you’ll see a $3 return in “earned media.” We explain it all. It’s one of our favorite subjects.


Learn how itineraries can help increase visitors to your community and region.

In this new digital age, visitors will go to your website and they want specifics, not generalities. In this fast-paced and fun presentation, you’ll learn how to get your community developing itineraries for you, how to promote them, how to categorize them, and what should be included.

We also help you get past the politics of picking one place over another. To win you must think like a travel writer and we show you lots of samples you can use as guides. Developing detailed half-day, all-day and multi-day itineraries can DOUBLE your tourism spending! You won’t want to miss this one!


Public relations is incredibly important to getting the word out about your destination, and is critical to your branding efforts. We’ve searched for an affordable way to implement a PR program for organizations that can’t afford to retail a PR professional. We found one in Sparrow Travel Media. We get no money from them but believe in this affordable solution to helping you with your marketing efforts. Learn about Sparrow Travel Media in this [30-minute] interview with the owner, and fellow DDA member, Christina Lenkowski.


Wednesday, july 13, 2022| Four topics, one every 20 minutes


The best marketing on the planet happens when others start tooting your horn for you. This is the art of public relations. Nothing provides a stronger return on your marketing investment than a good public relations effort. In this video, you’ll learn what’s included in PR, what you should expect in terms of ROI, and how to implement a great PR effort.


Here you’ll see the top three ways to find PR opportunities, what you’ll need in terms of content, and how often you need to “stoke the fire” so that your PR efforts create Top of Mind Awareness. And best of all, finding these opportunities is absolutely free.


In this fascinating workshop, you’ll learn all about Influencer Marketing: Who are these people? How do you find them? Which ones are best for your efforts? And how much do they charge? What can you expect in return? Here we’ll demystify the world of Influencer Marketing.


Here are five rules (your checklist) you can use to determine which Influencer Marketing people or associations are best for you and will take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Wednesday, august 17, 2022| Four topics, one every 20 minutes


Every good website should include a Press Kit and a Press Room. Here you’ll see what you should include, how to know who’s gathering information from your site, and how to manage it. You’ll see a couple of great real-life examples you can emulate when creating your public relations program.


In most cases, staffing isn’t available to manage an effective PR program. And in that case, many people will contract with PR professionals. Here you’ll learn how to find them, how to determine if they’re a good fit for you, what to expect from them, and what you can expect to pay for PR expertise.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract classic car shows, pottery and arts guilds, quilt shows, motorcycle rallies, photography clubs, and others, to hold their events your town? You invite them, and they do most of the work. Here you’ll learn how to do this without spending much, if any, money, how to find current contact information for clubs and organizations in your market area, and how to best get them to commit.


Public relations is critical to your branding and marketing efforts. We’ve searched for an affordable way to implement a PR program for those can’t afford to hire a PR professional. We found one in Sparrow Travel Media. Here you’ll learn a bit about them, what they provide, and what the monthly cost is.